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In 2009, the creative brothers Kriss and Mads Emil decided to combine forces and start a blog. The blog quickly grew to become one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs in Denmark, with a huge following across social platforms.

Since its beginnings, the name Créol Brothers has become so much more than just a blog. We use our creative vision to partner with likeminded brands and collaborate on projects in the field of communication, advertising and fashion. Our philosophy is less talk - more doing. We just make cool shit. We have a massive online audience who follow and respect our opinion. We don’t try to create or blend into pop-culture—we are part of pop-culture. We pave our own path, never settling for the trendy or the norm. We’re DJ's, fashion freaks, sneaker heads, bloggers, designers, art directors, photographers and storytellers. But we’re not pretentious about any of it. We just want to have fun and make stuff that people enjoy and want to be part of. Whether it’s clothing, art, music, film, commercials or events, as long as we have our heart in it. As long as it’s authentic and real. If it makes a difference and makes a statement, we’re game.

If you're interested in working or collaborating with us please reach us on creolbrothers [at]

Re-Fresh to Death™ - since 2009
— Créol Brothers

Mads Emil Grove Møller

For more than a decade, Mads Emil has used his passion for music, movies, fashion, sneakers, and traveling to build a solid reputation for his expertise and knowledge in many creative fields.

Mads has done freelance PR and Marketing for various brands, and has recently made the move from online editor and writer to Fashion Editor for one of Denmark's top men’s magazines—COVER MAN.

Simultaneously, he has built a career as a known party-starter, spinning records as DJ Mr. Møller.


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Kristian Grove Møller (Kriss Créol)

Kriss is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer and creative director. He has more than 10 years experience working at advertising agencies worldwide, with brands like adidas Originals, Nike, Red Bull, Mercedes and Kia, to name a few.

Kriss has worked and lived in New York, Montréal and Amsterdam before settling with his family in Los Angeles.

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